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The Marketing Program at Beaverton High School offers a robust pathway that focuses on college and career readiness. The Marketing Pathway is a combination of lower-level and upper-level courses that prepares students for their future.


Marketing Pathway

Students who complete the Marketing Pathway will have taken a minimum of five high school credits concentrating on a variety of marketing topics, real-world application, build relationships and turn ideas into action! Click here for a full description of our offerings.


BHS Marketing Dual Credit Opportunities

Dual-credit students can earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously, all before they graduate from high school! Beaverton Marketing has partnered with PCC for dual credit courses. 


Experiential Learning

Real World is the Best World

We have multiple opportunities for students to learn through experience,
from managing event operations through running small businesses and many more.


Social Media Team

Social Media Team is a group of Marketing students who work together to curate and create content for BHS social media streams. These students gain experience and understanding by attending industry conferences, working with clients, and meeting with digital marketing professionals, all with the goal of developing engaging and inclusive content.


Student-Run Businesses

Marketing Management gives students the opportunity to run three different student enterprises. These students run our student store (The Pond), create and produce BHS spirit gear as well as operate a to-go service for teachers and staff. They explore the world of management, customer service, and many other areas of running a business.


Student Travel

Who doesn’t love to travel? Our adventures to the Disney Youth Education series encourage students to dive deep into the Disney mega-brand to explore topics such as leadership, technology, and storytelling in a truly magical setting.


Sports & Event Marketing

Sports & Event Marketing explores the worlds of sports, business, and project management and creates, manages, and executes a week-long charity event for Make-A-Wish, ending with our awesome Jam the Dam night. This course is focused on kids helping kids and over the last decade, students have raised and donated over $240,000.

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